New Forest Ramble

I’ve been meaning to go out with New Forest Ramblers for sometime – a bit of exercise whilst visiting mum. This week the weather, time and opportunity all came together an I was able to get out and do this short gentle walk. Company was great, as usual, and the weather was just right for most of the time – sun, with white puffy clouds and a gentle breeze.
We stopped for lunch at The Oak in Bank – strange I’d only been there the year before for the first time – and I resisted the temptation to go and have a pint … still on a training regime :-).
Lovely walk through the woods that flank the Bolder stream and Highland Water with Queens Bower nearby. Always a place with many memories for me.
Haven’t been able to get the non-flash version loaded for some reason, so if you’re on an iPhone, you’ll have to click on the link below on a desktop, or laptop, computer.

Brockenhurst, Bolderford and Bank at EveryTrail


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